16th Jul 2020
Back to school anxiety

Combat back-to-school anxiety

I can’t breathe! – children everywhere Anxiety in children is peaking along with the virus. More and more children are complaining of stomach pain, nausea, having […]
6th May 2020
Sensory Seeking behaviour

Does your child like to “MOVE IT?”

Is your child constantly fidgeting or "moving it" whilst you are trying to home school them? This is called sensory seeking behaviour...
23rd Apr 2020
Gift of Lock down

The Gift of Lockdown

When asked to write a blog, the first thing that came to mind was the word….CONNECT. Maybe it is due to the situation we are currently […]
6th Apr 2020
Let the adventure begin

Let the adventures begin!

When I found out that it was my responsibility to write our very first blog post, about a hundred topics popped into my head. But how […]
10th Feb 2015
Meaning of Sensory Integration

What is Sensory Integration

“As you become more sensitive to the sensory integration of your child, you may be able to help him/her…lead a happier, more successful life.”      […]